Drug tests

How to Conduct a Drug Test


Misuse of drugs in workplace or sports house can affect the company, the co-workers or the other players. If the coach or the employer knows that his subjects are handling illegal drugs or involved in illegal drug related activities, he/she could also be on the bad side of the law. It is advisable to conduct drug tests and this critical in areas like prisons, sports, armed forces or construction as drugs can potentially affect almost every industry. Every now and then you should conduct drug and this how to go by it.

Create awareness

Explain to your employees why the drug testing is very important. Although in certain industries drug tests are compulsory, sometimes it ruins the relations between the company and the workers if it is not done in the right way. When workers are under influence of drugs tend to underperform or ruin the reputation of the institution if they take the drugs to over perform and get caught in the process especially in sports. There are different methods and drug detections periods. You can use hair, urine, blood, nails or saliva drug tests. If the workers know about it you conduct a rapid drug test like prisons. Visit rapiddetect.com

Use reliable testing kits

The right means of testing should be accurate and reliable. The when going for the testing companies, ensure they are reputable and well accredited. This will give you some confidence that the results will be accurate and quality of the testing program. An employee should also be allowed to pick the kit and the type of drug testing they are comfortable with. For instance one may choose saliva drug test instead of blood. See drug tests in bulk

Your employees have rights too

Drug testing in working environment is allowed by the law as long as the right procedures are followed and the program is run fairly. It is advisable for employers to include the company's health and safety policy in the contract and indicate how drug testing will be carried out. For instance, the objectives of conducting it, the procedure and the disciplinary action that will be taken against the particular employee if the test turns out to be positive. An employee must consent before undergoing any drug test. He/she may choose to participate in the process or not to. In circumstances that call for the compulsory testing and the employee still does not agree, then they can be turned down or laid off. Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drug_test